Catching up with Goodwill students

Over the last few weeks, Canford OC Gemma Daubney has been catching up with some of the old students from Goodwill Homes.

At 18, the youngest she has met so far are 3 girls – Jinitha, Nivetha and Srimalar – who left Pattiveeranpatti home in 2017. Last week she visited the girls at their new college, the Mary Matha College in the Theni district.

Gemma says : “Jinitha is studying B.Sc Maths and is a fun and energetic girl, and her teachers clearly enjoy her presence in the classroom. Although Jinitha lives on campus in a college hostel she returns to the Goodwill home on holidays. Nivetha and Srimalar are both B.Sc Chemistry students. Nivetha is a talented girl who excels both in the classroom but also in cultural activities; her latest achievement is a 1st place award at District level for speaking. She lives with her parents nearby and catches the bus to college every day. Srimalar is a bright girl with a calm, collected manner that makes her a very focused student. Srimalar, an orphan, also lives on the college site and, like Jinitha, returns to Goodwill on holidays where she is swept quickly back into the warmth and family of the PVP home. The girls were clearly very proud of their college and all agreed that friends and teachers were their favourite thing about their experience so far.

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