Goodwill Orphan flourishes at College

When ex- Canford student, Gemma visited Goodwill in February, she also got to meet and spent some time with Rajalakshmi** (pictured far right), an ex- Goodwill student from PVP Home.

” Aged 21, Raji is in her fourth and final year studying BSc. Nursing at the all-female Sacred Heart College just outside Dindigul. She is a beautiful and charming girl and her principal spoke very highly of both her academic work and of her temperament. Raji clearly loves her course and she spoke with enthusiasm about the clinical postings she and her classmates are sent on every morning. The girls get the opportunity to gain practical experience at a local hospital as well as witness some more complex procedures. Raji’s favourite component of her course is paediatric nursing – something she hopes to specialise in in the future. The social element of college life is also a big part of Raji’s time and she took time to introduce us to her 5 roommates. The girls in ‘room 13’ were all clearly very close friends and it was through them that we were told about Raji’s great artistic talent; she is apparently never seen without some new creation in her hands.

Older sister to Srimalar, Raji is an orphan and she relies on the support from the Goodwill charity for more than just educational help – it is her family. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you keep supporting children beyond school age and on into higher education. Although it may be that Raji and her contemporaries are no longer ‘children,’ often it is at this time when they are most in need of a helping hand”. Gemma Daubeney

** Rajalakshmi grew up in a small village in the district of Tamil Nadu where she lived with her parents and two younger siblings. Tragically she lost both her parents in a fatal accident when she was just 13 years old.

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