TORP empowering women

Not long ago tribal people could wander through the mountainous forests unclothed and living in harmony with nature. Now those lands are owned and farmed by wealthy planters from the plains and there is no turning back to the Eden of the past.  The future for these people may be unknown but with literacy, education, technical skills, and aspiration there is hope, choice, and possibility.

At our TORP Training Centre at K.C. Patti Village local women get the opportunity to learn a new skill and earn for themselves. The training courses provided were selected to meet the aptitudes of tribal youth and adults, and the availability of employment prospects.

Tailoring is a skill that can be carried out from home or used to gain work in one of the many garment factories that have sprung up on the plains in recent years. Currently, we have about 10 women who practice basket weaving. The baskets they produce comes in three different sizes (S, M, and L) and it takes them up to 3-days to finish a basket. These baskets made from PVC plastic can carry a heavy load and are often used by teachers for carrying books. The baskets come in many different colours and designs and are on display at the TORP centre for visitors to purchase. Enquiries can be made to the Goodwill office in the UK or India.


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