Case Studies

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First Friends of Goodwill tour to Kerala & Tamil Nadu, March 2016 by Caroline Hayward & Hilary Pugh

Hilary Pugh and Caroline Hayward from Bath have been remaking and selling Cards in aid of Goodwill for over 25 years. The Weston Card Group in Bath was founded over 30 years by Caroline Dyer, with an impressive total raised of £76,500 to date.

Hilary and Caroline made the trip to India with their husbands and 10 other Goodwill supporters in March. Read more »

Thandigudi 28 years on by Gwyneth Little

Goodwill supporter, Gwyneth Little visited the Homes in 1988 and repeated her visit in 2016.

I really cannot remember when I first heard of Goodwill Children's Village. I only know that, on a Study Tour in South India in February 1988, I left the group for a day and travelled up to Thandigudi on the local bus from Madurai. That was an experience in itself, both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Read more »

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My Visit to GCH in Tamil Nadu, India by Roy Walker

Our group from England was heralded with a royal welcome wherever we went, a visible appreciation of Goodwill Children's Homes achievements. We can all help these destitute, but aspiring, children in so many ways: support them in prayer, donate to Goodwill, even sponsor an individual child: A personal commitment which I have found to be rewarding for both recipient and donor. Indeed, for me, it has been the experience of a lifetime.

Roy Walker
Goodwill Supporter Read more »

The Canford - India Partnership Experience

Goodwill Children's Homes in Tamil Nadu, India became Canford's first overseas partner in 1996 following a request for help setting up beekeeping and building solar panels. Unfortunately the bees flew away, but to the surprise of everyone the solar panels worked. Since then interest in trips to India remain strong and competition for places each year is fierce and less than half of those who want to volunteer are able to secure a place on the trips. Each Canfordian participant is encouraged to raise money for the host community and the visit means that they can ensure that donor money reaches its intended targets in an effective manner. Read more »

A visit to Goodwill by Sue Huggins & Helen Bishop

What a welcome when we arrived, late one night just before Christmas after two days travelling. .'What is your name? Sit down, sister'. Chairs were brought over to us. They had just finished their Christmas entertainment programme, but they closed their eyes and sang us a traditional prayer song, very moving. I could recognise the sacred Om or Aum sound and the names of Hindu gods. We were then sat down to a meal of curry, rice, chicken and chapattis. 'Eat with your right hand.' It was the norm to eat with one's fingers, with the right hand only. Read more »

Being a Sponsor by Joan Meldrum

When Alan came back from Goodwill India in 1995 where he volunteered to set up the trade training courses for school leavers, he was very enthusiastic about the work Goodwill was doing to help the children in its care. We went back to Goodwill again in 1996 to see what further progress had been made in the Trade Training area, this put us in no doubt that we should sponsor one of the children. We decided on a little girl called Dhanalakshmi, who was 6, and whose family situation meant that they could not afford to feed her or send her to school. Read more »

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Visit to India by Joan & Alan Meldrum

It is 10 years since my husband Alan had visited Goodwill; last time he was there it was to see the progress on the Trade Training Courses that he had set up. As a Trustee I had visited replica handbags three years ago, and so we decided to visit again to see old friends and how things had progressed. Read more »

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Sheffield Supporter Group

Sitting round a table chatting and drinking coffee is a particularly pleasant way of raising money for Goodwill! Of course there is an end product hundreds of greetings cards remade for sale to friends, churches, luncheon clubs and at coffee mornings. The Sheffield Support Group has been fund raising for Goodwill for over 30 years now and makes around £2000 a year. Read more »

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The Buffalo Herd take on the Bristol Half Marathon

On the morning of Sunday 6th September Bristol came to life in the form of 16,000 courageous (or maybe crazy) people who were taking part in the 21st Bristol Half Marathon. We are proud to say that five brave members of the Buffalo Herd were amongst the runners and all five successfully completed the 13 mile course in rather respectable times! Better still, they managed to raise an outstanding £1,230 plus £307 Gift Aid for Goodwill Children's Homes which is a well deserving UK based charity that provides care and education for destitute children in South India. Read more »

Weston Card Makers

About 20 years ago All Saints Church in Bath had a guest speaker in the morning service called George Kent, the National Co-ordinator for the Goodwill Children's Homes. The particular thing that struck a cord with me was that the cost of a packet of refresher sweets that I occasionally used to buy my children after church would keep a child fed, educated, clothed and housed at Goodwill for a day! I decided there and then to collect cards to give to George to re-make and sell in aid of the homes. Read more »