The Buffalo Herd take on the Bristol Half Marathon

 By Alex Baugh, Campaign Manager at Buffalo FC

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On the morning of Sunday 6th September Bristol came to life in the form of 16,000 courageous (or maybe crazy) people who were taking part in the 21st Bristol Half Marathon.  We are proud to say that five brave members of the Buffalo Herd were amongst the runners and all five successfully completed the 13 mile course in rather respectable times! Better still, they managed to raise an outstanding £1,230 plus £307 Gift Aid for Goodwill Children’s Homes which is a well deserving UK based charity that provides care and education for destitute children in South India. The money raised will help their latest project of building a new home for their older children.

Replica Zenith WatchesAlex Baugh (pictured middle), one of our Campaign Managers (and now also a Half Marathon athlete!) had the following thoughts on the day:

"I still find it difficult to believe I completed the 13.1 miles of the half marathon.  It was a wonderful feeling to cross the finish line and for a moment I convinced myself I was an athlete.  This was short-lived however, as crippling cramp took over the moment I stopped moving.  Despite the pain and fatigue, my first marathon experience has given me a real taste and I would love to run again.  All those in Buffalo who ran should be immensely proud of themselves knowing they have raised a substantial amount for a very worthwhile charity and been a part of a great event.  Here's to the Bristol Half-Marathon 2010!"

We would like to say a huge “thank you” to all our sponsors.

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