Our Work

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Goodwill Children's Homes operates in Tamil Nadu, South India, working with local communities to meet the needs of children in the most effective ways.

We work in partnership with Goodwill Children's Homes, Tamil Nadu, to provide educational opportunities for some of the most disadvantaged children in India.

In our target areas in south India, we provide residential care for destitute children. These children come from families that are unable to provide their basic needs, some are orphans, many have only one parent or their families have suffered illness or other hardship.

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Our residential homes create a family atmosphere for the children with small homes each with a house parent, nutritious, healthy food and the chance to play and just be children. However, our main aim is education as we believe that through education the children we support will be able to earn a reliable income and help support their own families and communities.

Designer Replica Handbags UKWe also run a Tribal Outreach Programme which has been introduced in addition to our residential homes and schools. This initiative gives support to very poor children whilst they remain in their family environment by giving them better access to regular health care and education, teacher training, maintaining and equipping schools and supporting community self-help groups.

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