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Making a Regular Gift

By making a regular donation you can help us to plan for the future and provide security for all the children who need us. Please consider sponsoring a child who is currently with Goodwill Children's Homes.

Whatever level of support is offered, we are naturally keen to encourage its longevity; to give our children the security they need in order to flourish. Our objectives are therefore long-term.

Sponsorship carries with it a notion of security; the idea is simply that by promising to pay a sum regularly we can plan for the future with greater confidence. If circumstances require that you alter your sponsorship arrangement then you can, of course, do so. 

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Deciding not to sponsor...

All donations are received with equal gratitude and if after reading all this you prefer anonymity or perhaps don't want to make extra work you may still wish to arrange a regular payment schedule by standing order, if so, please click here to download a standing order form or contact us.

We need your support to keep our children’s dreams alive ....
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