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Visiting Goodwill

Goodwill Society in Tamil Nadu is able to welcome supporters and friends of Goodwill as visitors to the homes in India. Such visits are usually for a short period (two or three days) and visitors must make a payment, currently £14.50 per day, to the office in the United Kingdom.

Visits must not interrupt the smooth running of the homes or the children’s education thus we have strict procedures for the organisation of visits. Anybody hoping to visit the homes must in the first place contact the Administrator at the office in the UK who will then send you information about arrangements and an application form which must be completed and returned. The form will then be considered in the UK and Tamil Nadu to ensure that the number of visitors and the timing of the visit can indeed be accommodated and to allow time for a DBS check to be done if you're not in possession of a current DBS certificate. As these procedures inevitably take some time, it is important that the first approach is made at least 10 weeks before a requested visit and that no commitments are made to travel plans before the arrangements have been agreed in writing.


Supporters have sometimes approached us about a longer stay, hoping to be able to teach as volunteers; anybody hoping to make a longer visit should approach the Administrator at least five months before the planned visit.


Goodwill operates a 'good practice' policy and all adults and young people who visit the Goodwill Children’s Homes should follow this Code of Conduct. It is important that everyone acts as a role model, adopts appropriate behaviour and treats everyone with respect.


Goodwill has a detailed Safeguarding Policy and each Home has a designated Safeguarding Officer. Visitors to India are made aware and receive a copy of our Safeguarding Policy. Our Safeguarding Policy can also be viewed online.



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