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Goodwill Children's Homes is a registered UK charity that works with our partner Society registered in South India as 'Goodwill Children's Homes Charitable Society'. Goodwill has been supporting the care and education of destitute and orphaned children in southern India since 1976.


We provide a loving home and a meaningful education to many destitute children. We run three residential homes, a primary school and a Tribal Outreach Programme (TORP). 


Most Goodwill children come from the tribal communities living in the mountain ranges of the Palani Hills. We look after children who have either been orphaned or come from families that are simply too poor to provide essential shelter, food, and education. Goodwill is able to provide them with a loving home and the life chances that their families cannot.




The Administrator/Sponsorship Officer

Goodwill Children's Homes

2B Whitefriars

Lewins Mead




Goodwill Children's Homes Charitable Society

Sponsorship Section


Pattiveeranpatti - 624 211

Dindigul District 

Tamil Nadu

South India

Thandigudi is home to children aged between 5 and 11. This was the first home built by Goodwill over 30 years ago. Thandigudi has its own primary school where all the children attend. 


Pattiveeranpatti is our girls' home located at the foot of the mountains and house girls aged between 11 and 18 who attend the local school.


Sanarpatti is our newest site, and home to boys aged between 11 and 18 who also attend a local secondary school.


TORP was started in 2002 with the aim of educating tribal children while they remain with their own families and communities. We either assist the poorest families keep their children in education, or for those children who do not wish to continue with academic study, we offer skills training in trades such as tailoring and electrical wiring that will provide them with a living and benefit their communities.



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