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Lack of maintenance funding means that apart from Sanarpatti Home which was built 11 years ago, the  Goodwill buildings are extremely run down and are in need of urgent maintenance. 


Thandigudi is our oldest home which was built in the seventies. Toilets need upgrading, windows need replacing, buildings need painting, roofs need repairing and generators are outdated.


With the help of service organisations like Rotary and visiting schools Canford in Wimborne, the Kings'School, Ottery St Mary, and St Margarets' School from Devon, funds were made available to tackle some of these maintenances issues over the years.


Goodwill operates on a tight budget and although funds are made available from time to time to address serious issues such as the lack of water at Sanarpatti Home or heating of water for the girls, or replacing the boilers in the kitchen, this is not enough.


Goodwill needs your support to help maintain our Homes, especially  Thandigudi which is our oldest and houses the younger children from 5 to 11 years.   


If you are able to support us with funding for 'Maintenance', please contact the Administrator or make a donation using our 'DONATE' button.


Thandigudi Home has two generators that are used several times when the electricity fails, but the are over 15 years old and needs replacement.

Jeyam House (1)

Outside toilet facilities at Thandigudi Home needs upgrading.

Jeyam House (3)

After 40 years wooden windows at Thandigudi Home are rotting and needs replacing.

DSC01914 Sanarpatti kitchen

Boilers break down and needs replacing.

PVP  maintenance 01

Homes need repair work and a paint job.

IMG_20170722_194510 (1)

If the monsoon doesn't arrive water remains an issue especially at Sanarpatti Home.

Layard House (2)

Dormitories at Thandigudi Home needs floor and roof repairing.

Lara House toilet & bath area (7)

Outside washrooms needs upgrading.

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