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School Sponsorship

When the Goodwill Society started in 1974, the educational standard in the nearby village schools was very poor. Children walked more than 1 km to get to school and during the rainy season, they suffered a lot.


The Goodwill Primary School was founded in 1994 by Mrs Durga Balraj, with the main purpose of providing a good basic education to the children living at Thandigudi.  Initially, the school started with three classes 1, 11 and 111 and with three teachers. Classes IV and V followed in 1995 and 1996 respectively. In 1997 they received recognition from Government and since then the school has made great strides to ensure that their children get a proper education. With support from Goodwill UK sponsors, many children have moved onto Higher Education to graduate as Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, and Nurses.


Today, the school is attended by no less than 97 pupils, split between five classes. Their subjects range from English and Tamil to Mathematics and Sciences.


Our school is a private school, therefore, entirely funded by Goodwill.  Your financial support helps to provide school books, equipment, maintain the school and pay the teachers' salaries.

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