Goodwill Children's Homes provides funding to give long-term care and education to destitute children in South India. 

Our ultimate aim is to reduce poverty by facilitating the communities to send their children, in particular, girls, to school and to provide assistance to keep them in education. 

The children we work with come from very poor backgrounds and are often orphaned at a young age. Many have no one to look after them and the support provided by Goodwill allows them the opportunity for a brighter future. We believe that by giving them an education they will be able to earn a reliable income and help support their own families and communities.

We also run a Tribal Outreach Programme which gives support to very poor tribal children whilst they remain in their family environment by giving them better access to regular healthcare and education.

Goodwill Children's Homes is funded entirely through public donations. You can make a real difference to severely disadvantaged children. To help us in our work, please see our Support Us section.

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Higher Education Appeal

The key to reducing the cycle of poverty lies in an educated, healthy, and productive citizen that is able to provide for the next generation. On average, girls with higher levels of education are more likely to participate in the labour market, engage in paid employment, earn more for their families over their lifetimes, and have healthier children who stay in school longer.The academic success of our children, especially our girls, has been amazing, but it has also put us in the difficult position of needing extra funds to support them. Presently, Goodwill supports 20 girls in various higher education courses. We have another 33 girls who will be taking up higher education courses in the next academic year or two. We try to assist young girls who are orphaned or come from single parent families and face difficulties in carrying on with their education. With your help, we can make a difference. Your support can a give a child a future of opportunity.

Higher Education Appeal

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