About Us

Goodwill Children's Homes (UK) funds 3 children’s homes, a primary school and a Tribal Outreach programme (TORP) in Tamil Nadu, south India to give destitute children an opportunity for a brighter future.

Goodwill Children's Homes is a registered UK charity that works with our partner Society registered in South India as 'Goodwill Children's Homes Charitable Society'. We provide a loving home and a meaningful education to many destitute children. Most Goodwill children come from the tribal communities living in the mountain ranges of the Palani Hills. We look after children who have either been orphaned or come from families that are simply too poor to provide essential shelter, food and education. Goodwill is able to provide them with the life-chances that their families cannot.

We provide:


A safe environment for children to live happily together.

Medical care

Health care is an unaffordable luxury for destitute families.

Good food

A nutritious diet for our children.

Time to play

A chance to be just children

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We believe that education is the best way to escape from poverty. All Goodwill children go to school.

Trade training

For those who do not go on to a college or university, we provide courses in skills and trades that will enable our children to earn a reliable income. 

It is only possible to maintain our work in India through our partner Society. The work of our partner Society is overseen by committees of Indian professionals such as teachers, lawyers, clergymen, businessmen, university professors and such like. A substantial staff is needed in India to run our homes and education facilities. These are all of Indian nationality.