Frequently Asked Questions

What does Goodwill Children's Homes do?

We are a UK registered charity (270403) that provides funding to give long term care and education to destitute children in South India. We work closely with our partner organisation Goodwill in India to provide a family atmosphere, nutritious food and a good education to all the children in our care.

In 2002 a Tribal Outreach Programme was introduced to give support to tribal children in their family environments by enabling better access to regular healthcare and education.


Where do you work?

Follow this link to see a map of where we work.


How can I support you?

There are lots of different ways that you can get involved and support our work. From sponsoring a child to running your own fundraising event, remembering us in your will to running a marathon – there really is no limit to what you can do. For more ideas please visit the support us page.


Can I visit Goodwill Children's Homes in India?

We do allow supporters to visit us in India however to ensure that the children’s education is not disturbed this has to be managed quite tightly. If you are interested in visiting it is essential that you contact the UK office at least 3 months in advance so that we can let you know if it is possible and then make the necessary arrangements. For more information please .


How can I book a talk?

It’s easy to book a representative to come and visit you to give a talk just get in touch with us and let us know your requirements and we will arrange a speaker for you. To get in touch just call 0117 3250 550 or . Alternatively you can submit an online enquiry form.


How can I become a sponsor?

To become a sponsor simply decide if you wish to sponsor a child, house or village and then submit an enquiry form.


What proportion of your income is used for administration?

We aim to keep our UK Administration expenditure to within 20 per cent of our income.


What background do the children have?

The children come from a variety of circumstances from isolated tribal villages and farming communities to the urban poor. Some would have attended school while others wouldn't have had the chance and would have been working before they came to us. Whatever their situation they are all in need of support.


What education do they receive and for how long?

Children are supported from class one up until they have finished their education.


What religious education do they receive?

Because the children may come from any faith community and because under Indian law a society like our partner in Tamil Nadu may not have allegiances to any religion or political party, the Trust deeds of both the society in India and charity in the UK are explicit - that children who are in need are cared for regardless of ethnicity, caste, gender or religion. So all religious festivals are celebrated equally and the children learn the history of each other's beliefs.


Does Goodwill support higher or further education?

All children are encouraged to reach their full potential; including work based training and college or university courses.