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Village Sponsorship

Further to the provision of residential homes, we have introduced a scheme to encourage and assist children living among 'Tribal' communities towards an education whilst they remain living in their normal home. This scheme, normally abbreviated to 'TORP', began in 2002.


We provide an education to the wider community...

India has some aboriginal tribes, which fall outside the normal functioning of the economy and are subject to various degrees of discrimination. Goodwill tried to compensate by providing educational support for children and young adults seeking to acquire income-producing skills.


The main objective of the Tribal Out Reach Programme (TORP) is to improve the health, education and life opportunities of children, without removing them from their home villages.


TORP now covers 27 tribal villages and supports 238 children who are enrolled in 12 different schools. Lack of education is at the root of the high levels of poverty in this region.  We can help to build a stronger economy and brighter future for these communities if we can help parents to keep their children in education or training. Providing the things we take for granted - school books, pens, meals and uniforms - can make all the difference to the poorest families.


Learning a trade opens up many doors for young people and builds capacity in their community.


By sponsoring a village, you can help us to empower a community.  Select any one of the two options.




TORP school 02
TORP School
Hannah India 2011 232 - Copy
Colour Dress - Siruvatukadu Primary Scho
School Bag & colour dress - Sembirankula
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Korankombu Community Hall cum School
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